Are you looking to eat out in Hoboken, and are on a budget? If so, we’ve got a list for you of affordable and excellent food you’ll want to try out all year long. From poke bowls to taco pizza, you are sure to get your fill of food at these great local restaurants found in Hoboken.

Makai Poke Co

This restaurant is a great place go to get the nation’s latest trend in food—the poke bowl. So, what is a poke bowl, you might ask? A dish originating from Hawaii, a poke bowl is a cubed raw fish dish seasoned to your heart’s content. However, not all poke bowls in NYC have fish in them, and other meat choices are offered for non-fish lovers. Poke bowls at Makai Poke Co include high quality, fresh ingredients, and are made for your taste buds to savor. For more information, go here.

Tony Boloney's

The food is so good here, one Instagram poster drove over six hours to eat here. The famous dish offered at Tony Boloney's is their world-famous taco pizza, which has attracted so much attention that it is shipped to customers all over the world as well as many well-known celebrities. Make sure you show up on Tuesday for the taco pizza, which is the day the dish is available. For more information, go here.

Gogi Grill

Gogi Grill offers some of the best Korean food period! Regardless of whether you are in the sit-down or take out mood, this place is a must try food joint. The food here is fresh, and the staff dedicates itself to keeping the Korean food authentic. For more information, go here.  

Fiore Deli

The Fiore Deli is known for having some of the best mozzarella and sandwiches that you can eat in New Jersey. Offering fresh ingredients daily, you can get a tasty and affordable dish at this place and enjoy the excellent service. Please take my suggestion and just order any hero or sandwich with mozzarella and dig in! For more information, please go here.

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