Spring is finally here! The days of strolling around Central Park with a yummy treat in hand are once again to be had. To make sure that you enjoy the warm weather with that delicious, creamy, and sweet ice cream cone, we have quite the list of ice cream spots to try out:

1. Wu Kong


This cute little shop in Chinatown is known for its ice cream burger, which is only $5! With unlimited toppings, you can customize your ice cream burger into a delicious treat! If you are into milkshakes, definitely check out their ice cream milkshake, which is served in a light bulb cup! If you’re looking for a budget-friendly place then make sure to stop by. Check out their Instagram page here

2. The Dessert Kitchen

Looking to try a unique dessert? This shop in Greenwich Village created a $9 Ice Stream Ramen treat that has locals and tourists alike rushing here to try! It’s a shaved ice treat with Jello noodles that resemble ramen and is one of the more popular items here. They serve tons of unique desserts all under $10 and all are worth trying! Check them out here

3. Ice & Vice

This Lower East Side shop is known for its unique ice cream flavors. You could stack your cones to the extreme with combinations like two scoops of ice cream AND an ice cream sandwich on top or in between! This place can be a bit pricey with two scoops going for almost $10 but you’re getting exotic flavors that would be hard to get anywhere else. If you’re brave enough to try flavors like Ants on a Farm (raisin, celery, gianduja chocolate chips) or Opium Den (white sesame, toasted poppy seed, lemon bread crouton), then check out this ice cream spot! For more on Ice & Vice, click here

4. Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream

Another ice cream spot in the Lower East Side, this place has risen to ice cream fame with its Coconut Ash ice cream, which is literally pure black. The price is $4.50 per scoop. They also offer other flavors such as Vietnamese coffee, Mango sorbet, Strawberry Pistachio Pesto, and so much more! Check out their page here

5. Soft Swerve 

I love soft serve ice cream. In my opinion, it is the best kind! This yummy shop has the best flavors with Ube, Black Sesame, Matcha, and much more! You could get a regular serving size for $4 and a large size for $5.25, which is super reasonable. You could top off your ice cream with delicious toppings like toasted coconut, strawberries, and more! Check them out here

6. Davey’s Ice Cream

Banana splits are amazing to begin with, but the ones served here bring that already awesome dessert to the next level! While the dessert goes for a steep $16, you could easily split it between four people. You could choose from salted caramel, cookies and cream, and any other flavor they offer here! If you’re looking for something less extravagant, try a scoop of red velvet Oreo or strong coffee. For more on Davey's Ice Cream click here

With springtime here, EventCombo has you covered with all the hottest spots to check out!