One of LA’s favorite bands, Coldplay, arrives October 6 to rock out at the Pasadena Rose Bowl. The eclectic band, who shocked fans back in 2015 when announcing that their 2015 album, A Headful of Dreams, could be their last, wiped out that disappointment after their last Super Bowl performance. Once they finished playing, the band’s lead singer, Chris Martin, stated that the band would most likely stay together.

Coldplay’s New Album: Kaleidoscope

To solidify Martin’s statement, Coldplay recently announced they would come out with a new album, dubbed Kaleidoscope, in June of this year. To celebrate the new album, the band started touring and offered a sneak peak to their new record, releasing one song from it titled “Hypnotised.”

So, what sound does the new song capture? Martin’s vocals are slightly downcast while he dishes out the lyrics, with a singing style reminiscent of Coldplay’s song “The Scientist.” Martin sings, “Been rusting in the rubble, running to a faint. Need a brand-new coat of paint.” However, while the song does start out with a depressing presentation, the song turns around and offers a message of hope, much like the band’s song “Paradise.” The song ends on an upbeat note, with Martin stating, “It was dark, now it’s sunrise.”

Songs Featured on Kaleidoscope 

Kaleidoscope, along with “Hypnotised,” will include four additional songs, all of which are yet to be released. One of the much-anticipated songs on the album is “Something Just Like This,” a song they collaborated with the Chainsmokers to create. Other songs the band plans to release on the record include “All I Can Think About is You,” “Miracles 2,” and “ALIENS.”

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