The Cold War Kids’ much anticipated new album, LA Divine, was released on April 7. As a result, the band has planned a major album tour, and arrives in Chicago November 9 to play at the Huntington Bank Pavilion. The Huntington Bank Pavilion is an outdoor amphitheater on Northerly Island.

LA Divine

The new songs put forth by The Cold War Kids on LA Divine reflect feelings of social awareness and honesty. Many of their songs sound liked ballads full of aching memories, encouraging anthems, or experimental tracks that echoes on modern-day politics and their own personal reflections. The music on the album sounds both genuine and deep, and will stir up live audiences.

The band’s brassy voices, packed with emotional falsetto emerge throughout most of their new album, and that sound style stays consistent throughout LA Divine. Their combined group vocals fill the air with energy, and their traditional “ooh-oohs” appear in each song to create effective breaks. For instance, one of their songs, “Free to Breathe,” reverberates smooth, clean vocals and a bit of a different style from the band. The instruments used in the song seem almost feminine, as if reflecting on the feeling of love.

Part of the record resounds with a romantic feel, but there is also a political feel to LA Divine. Three songs on the album clearly reflect this, “Can We Hang On,” “Ordinary Idols,” and the most powerful one, “Wilshire Protest.” “Wilshire Protest” echoes feelings of sarcasm poking fun at those that consider themselves enlightened leaders.

Other tracks on LA Divine are expressly experimental, including songs like “Part of the Night,” “La River,” and “Cameras Always On.” Most of these songs sound artistic and dreamy, adding a nice flow to the album.

For those in Chicago wanting to see the band on September 9 to hear these songs live, tickets are available here.

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