If you are looking to rent an event space, Venfino is a great, free resource for you to use to do your venue research. Venfino’s website acts as a free online search engine of New York City’s event spaces. It provides you some direction and assistance when searching through the many venues available in New York City.

Using Venfino, you can locate a venue for your event that matches both your needs and interests. The website includes detailed profiles of all the event spaces listed, which saves quite a chunk of time.

Another fantastic feature of Venfino is that it puts you easily into contact with those offering their venue spaces for events. To start your search, you can use their “New York City Venue Directory” for a basic search, or their “FindMyVenue” search option if you need a more in-depth search. The “FindMyVenue” search allows you to select your event details and will match you with fitting venues.

Venfino’s Efficient Contact Capabilities

To reach out to a venue, click on “Contact This Venue” button. Then, you will see an event inquiry form appear. Fill out the inquiry and send it. Once you send your inquiry, you will see the venue’s contact information. To save you even more time, once you have created one Venfino inquiry, you can save it and reuse it to contact other venues efficiently.

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