Creative event spaces are where event planners can really produce a WOW experience for guests. The next creative venue in our series is museums, where history and art are combined into one building!

Whether you are considering booking a local museum or a national iconic museum, these venues can provide the perfect backdrop for weddings, corporate gatherings, holiday parties, and more. The various spaces within a museum provide the opportunity for different activities or entertainment in different rooms, keeping guests moving around. For example, consider having a band and appetizers/drinks in the main room and caricature artists and DIY art booths in side halls – Get creative with your ideas, this is a museum after all! Main rooms also can offer a great setting for a sit down meal with soft background music playing as guests eat.

The most positive aspect of holding your event in a museum is that guests can walk around leisurely and enjoy the beautiful artifacts or works of art that are displayed. If you are holding a smaller party, don’t let the size of the museum turn you away; it is likely possible to rent out a smaller room or exhibit space to keep the atmosphere of the party feeling more intimate. Also, keep in mind, depending on the museum, you might have to book well in advance of your date; this applies when booking any popular venue.

When choosing a museum for your event, think about what theme your event is, and how a specific museum can expand upon it! Consider these event themes for an event held at a museum:

Night at the museum: Use the history of the museum as inspiration! Ask guests to come as their favorite historical figure and walk around interacting as these people.

Corporate event: Celebrating a company anniversary or milestone? Reflect on the history of the company amongst artifacts in a history museum. Want to encourage creativity and idea generation in employees? Hold your event in an art museum where creativity abounds!

Dinner Party: Festive foods for guests, think medieval or roman times! Bonus for a little mid-dinner performance.

Movie screening: Use a museum for horror or historical screenings. Or have a screening for a family friendly dinosaur movie with the actual dinosaurs!

Wedding: If you and your significant other have special interests, then holding your wedding at a museum might be perfect! Museums have all different kinds of exhibits: animals, fashion, time periods, and more!

Fashion Show: Celebrate the arts among art! Hold this in an art museum with contemporary pieces.

How-To Demonstration: Have experts display different techniques from specific time periods. This gives guests opportunities to interact and see how things were done!

The possibilities are endless with museums! With new exhibits opening and different themed museums around the world, there is no shortage of inspiration for your next event! 

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