Picking a date spot for your first date or even for a casual date with your significant other can be daunting. San Francisco offers some great date spots that’ll steer you away from resorting to the typical “Netflix and Chill”. We also understand that price may also play an important role in your decision so we’ll recommend some reasonably priced locations. EventCombo has you covered with everything from amazing food spots to fun activities your date is sure to love! Check out these four fun and affordable date spots today!

Devil’s Teeth Baking Company 

If you love a good brunch, breakfast, or lunch spot, Devil’s Teeth Baking Company is a fantastic choice. Their special breakfast sandwich and cinnamon rolls are very popular. Check out their website, http://www.devilsteethbakingcompany.com, for their menu and location.

SoMa Streat Food Park

Who wouldn’t want to take their date to try new foods with unforgettable food trucks? The SoMa Streat Food Park offers different cuisines, and if you’re in luck there might be some form of entertainment. Make sure to check out their website, http://www.somastreatfoodpark.com, to find out which food trucks will be there that weekend. This is sure to make a great place for a date. You’ll be able to hang out, to get to know each other, experience some good food and be outside! Oh, and also feel free to bring your dog if you so wish, as they have a dog friendly policy.

Aunt Charlie’s Lounge

Check out this fun dive bar! The cover charge is $5, which is definitely worth it, considering you get to see a drag queen show. Drinks are more than affordable, the drag show is a blast, and it makes for a thrilling Friday night date! Highly recommended if you’re looking for a local favorite! Their website, http://auntcharlieslounge.com, provides details on who’s performing that night.

Church of 8 Wheels

Roller skating definitely makes for a fun date night! This spot has theme nights such as adult night, disco, and so much more! You could find out which night you prefer to go on http://www.churchof8wheels.com. They also have a DJ playing music, which you can dance to as you skate. This spot will make sure you both have a good laugh, and help break that often too-well known uneasiness that settles in with first dates. Check out this spot soon!

Stay tuned, EventCombo will keep you posted on new and amazing date spots! Check out www.eventcombo.com/article/buzz and find out other events that are going on!