Located in Seattle, WA, ReignCity promotes events throughout the Northwest, including cities like Portland and San Francisco. By maintaining a location focus for their promotions, ReignCity has been able to successfully reach many individuals within their locality, knowing how to connect with their regional audience and providing fantastic events for their clients.

ReignCity’s Events

Known as the Northwest’s premier source for events, arts, and culture, ReignCity promotes a wide variety of events, from concerts to corporate events and private parties. A calendar on their website demonstrates some of their upcoming events, but the calendar demonstrates only about half of their future work in the Northwest. ReignCity can promote any event for any client, and they offer up not only their amazing local focus to clients but their experience promoting events and their desire to focus on their client’s needs.

ReignCity’s History

ReignCity was formally known as Obese Productions and has been in business since 2003. They have helped to promote events for well over a decade, and have made many of their clients happy with the success of their events. ReignCity has become one of the top promoters for local events. As event promoters, they are plugged into the youth and entertainment culture. They also offer to their client's flexible ad space, including web and Email.

If you are interested in using ReignCity, remember that they book their events two to four months in advance. They want to promise a successful event to those they work with, and as such, they will not book less than two months in advance. ReignCity also only books three to eight shows a month to ensure they can provide success to their clients.

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