Promoting your event sponsors is just as important as promoting your event.

The day you have your event, you want your sponsors to feel proud that they contributed to the event in some way. Sponsors are great to have at events because they are the ones who donate their time and resources to help. Your event should not only be about the theme, it should also showcase the sponsors and in some way promote them as well. Sponsors sponsor events to get exposure – I scratch your back, you scratch mine method.

The best way to promote your event sponsors is by coming up with creative ways to get your attendees introduced with the sponsors. One way of doing this is by decorating parts of the event in the sponsor’s logo. Another creative way could be to have a scavenger hunt in which you hide the sponsor’s logo or their product around your event. Finding different ways to show your appreciation for your sponsors can potentially keep them as sponsors for future events.

You can also try simpler ways of promotion such as setting up a table at your event of you sponsors product or material samples. This method is effective if your attendees are curious and want to educate themselves on what your sponsor has to offer. However, attendees can easily ignore a table, especially if there is nothing in particular gravitating them to the area. So still, you need to find a creative way to bring people towards the table.

Helpful Tips to Keep in Mind When Promoting Your Sponsor:
1. Make sure that you understand their values, goals, and who they are as a company; make your sponsor realize they can’t find anyone to promote them the way you do.
2. Provide your sponsor not only with publicity, but also connections that can foster potential customers or more followers on their social media.
3. Offer more than one idea to your sponsor and execute the appropriate plan that will best fit their needs.