Angel’s Share restaurant in New York City’s East Village offers locals and visitors alike some of the finest cuisine in the city. Not only is the restaurant unique, but the class and ambiance it offers keep visitors coming back.

Angel’s Share’s Unique Location

Angel’s Share has an innovative location and background. In fact, the location of the restaurant is part of its charm. Since finding the eatery can sometimes be a bit of a mystery, the discovery of the building, as well as the coziness of the interior, combines to form part of the restaurant’s charm.

You can find Angel’s Share by venturing through an unmarked side door at the front of Japanese restaurant Village Yokocho. Through that entryway, you’ll discover the restaurant itself. Angel’s Share exists as more of a couples escape and date site. The restaurant does not take tables that seat more than four, trying to place emphasis on a date night of a double date night. Part of this romantic charm comes from the fact it offers a stellar view of Stuyvesant Square, tuxedoed bartenders and excellent cocktails, including one of the city’s best grasshoppers.

Angel Share’s Menu and Style

The “hidden” aspect of Angel’s Share has made customers call it a “speakeasy” type location, although the theme of the restaurant focuses on both Japanese cuisine and culture. Most of the workers in the restaurant have a Japanese background, and the exciting creativity of both the bartenders and food is well known to the locals that visit the restaurant. Angel’s Share offers innovation with its style of drinks and the Japanese menu it offers.

While the restaurant itself is small and focuses on cozy parties and date nights, its cuisine, drinks, and ambiance make it well worth the visit.

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