YouTube’s newest feature is sure to bring the future of gaming and events to a different light.

YouTube Gaming started as a platform, which allowed users to watch video game related live-streams and videos. Now the platform has upgraded, making it easier for users to access content through event pages. The pages will give users the opportunity to watch on-demand videos and live streams pertaining to specific events on a single page, particularly major games and eSports events.

Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) will be the first to feature coverage on this new platform in June. Hosted by Geoff Keighley, the stream will feature press conferences, developer interviews, and live viewings on new games. Last year, E3 showcased over 1,600 products from 300 exhibitors from internationals, journalists, analysts, and enthusiasts. The event resulted in 6.3 million tweets on Twitter and over 21 million views on Twitch. Those numbers are expected to increase with the new accessibility people will have with YouTube’s events page.

Because YouTube is a huge enterprise, it already has millions of users coming to the website everyday. By E3 featuring their event on the site, they are allowing everyday YouTube users to discover the Expo and become fans. Also, they are allowing old-comers to enjoy the Expo from a familiar website where they can easily share what they’re watching to Facebook and other social media sites.

In the future, YouTube’s events page could become more than gaming. Their events page can expand to accommodate all types of events whether it be music or business related. Through this platform there is a lot of potential and as YouTube starts playing around with the page and experimenting with different tools, it can one day become possible to stream events sponsored by companies.