Women’s History Month is a month that highlights the vast contributions of women that made an impact on today’s society. You can check out different events that showcase the struggles of women in the past and how they’ve overcame them to help pave the road for women today. Women like Amelia Earhart, Susan B. Anthony, and countless others are commemorated for being courageous, brave, and strong. Take the time to learn more about Women’s History Month and check out these inspiring events in Los Angeles and Boston!

Los Angeles

1.Los Angeles Women’s Theater Festival at Barnsdall Gallery Theater- If you’re a fan of the theatre or are looking for something new, check out this four-day festival of incredibly talented female performers!

2.Mashup Presents: Be Bold at MashUp HQ- Come celebrate International Women’s Day with a showcase of the best female choreographers in LA! You’ll also be able to check out several charities and local business in between performances.


1.The Contributions of Women’s Clubs in Boston at Loring-Greenough House- Learn more about the women of the 19th century and how they’ve impacted the lives of women by encouraging them to become strong and independent. This event is highly recommended for those looking to learn more about women history!

2.Women in Bio: “The Lobster Pot” at Lab Central- This event celebrates powerful women in the life sciences. Come check out this event to meet six female executives who talk about raising startup funds, how to start a company, and so much more!

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