An activist and educator of Jamaican descent, Mickey Valentine grew up in the Bronx, NY. Valentine now resides in Somerville, MA. Mickey can be described as, “non-binary, queer, working class, polyamorous, disabled, kinky Black femme that was born and raised in New York City.” While Valentine permanently resides in Somerville, Valentine travels back and forth between New York and Somerville frequently.

Valentine’s Writing Goals

Valentine’s literary focus when writing is “the importance of honesty and vulnerability.” Mickey’s life experiences have helped to promote these concepts since Mickey’s background has placed Valentine in a few unique positions Valentine’s passion and pen have both helped Mickey to overcome. Mickey is a strong advocate of youth development, a promoter of help and justice for the disabled, but also does not shy away from writing about more kinky topics, gentrification, or reproduction.

Valentine’s Style

Valentine found style promoting education, which inspires the fire behind Mickey’s writing and helps promote activism. Giving a voice to women, the disabled, and minorities, Valentine shies away from little within these categories when composing articles. Mickey’s primary passion lays with writing about “disability, reproductive, [and] racial justice,” while trying to also touch on topics that are controversial, including polyamory and concepts for reforming sexual education.

Alongside writing, Valentine has put on several workshops to help inspire both college-aged individuals and other youths. Valentine also participates in panels that cover a variety of topics, bringing a brilliant voice in front of audiences to argue for causes. Mickey is currently composing a project that focuses on “the intersections between disability and kink.” A second current project is “trying to create safe spaces and dialogues for Black, Native, and People of Color to discuss polyamory.”

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