Are you familiar with the Indian holiday of Holi? Simply put, it’s the festival of colors and you’ve probably seen social media pictures of those covered in tons of vibrant colors having the time of their lives.

An organization, which identified the cross-cultural attractiveness of this Indian holiday, In Group Management has been producing its annual Rang Barse Cruise for over ten years! They’ve been amazing at enticing everyone to join in and learn more about Indian culture. In Group has a very large and loyal following on Facebook that brings everyone together to have a great time. Besides, who wouldn’t want to party on a cruise, have amazing food, partake in a celebration that is completely fun and meet new people in the city that never sleeps?

In Group's Rang Barse will be a unique experience that’ll make you want to come back again year after year! Immersing yourself in a diverse culture is part of life and helps to experience new amazing things. So if you’ve ever been interested in stepping out of your comfort zone, this event will help you embrace Indian culture in way you’ve never experienced before.

And for Indians? Well, its like being in India itself with the music, people and everything else back together, just like home.

Hurry and buy your tickets exclusively right here on EventCombo. Bring your friends and loved ones or come solo and mingle with fellow party goers there. Holi is an incredibly fun time that will have you reminiscing about this day. Learn more about In Group on their Facebook page and come celebrate on March 25, 2017 by buying tickets right here!