If you are looking to hire a Blues Band for your next event, why not take a look at the popular rock and blues band Guitarboy, a tremendously popular cult player in the world of music? Venting a rock and blues sound through an electric six-string, Guitarboy has done an amazing thing for music by reintroducing people to the concept of the guitar solo through the internet.

Guitarboy’s Background

Two of the reasons Guitarboy has become so popular is both his talent and his ability to produce high-quality covers of some of the rock and blues genres’ most famous songs. These covers include music by Jimmy Hendrix, Vai, Coltrane, and Stevie Ray Von. Furthermore, his gift for playing sizzling sounds helps to inspire emotion in listeners who experience both his emotion and charisma when they listen to his music.

Guitarboy’s passionate and powerful technique has helped him grow into an internet cult legend. He now tops the charts at Soundclick.com and has written over twenty #1 hits that have appeared on various worldwide internet websites. Listeners have been dazzled by his skills as a virtuoso player. Furthermore, many of the songs he has written have appeared in traditional media. For example, one of his songs is used as a theme song for a Chicago-area television program. Also, another piece of his music will be used in the movie “10mph,” and is also earning him a listing on ClearChannelMusic.com as one of the Top 50 Hottest Independent Artists.

Guitarboy’s Band and Live Performances

Based out of Huntington Beach, CA, Guitarboy also completes many live local performances and has appeared as a national jazz act in various blues festivals across the United States. When playing live with his band members Steve Elce on Bass, Joe Snyder on drums, and Wendy Haley on vocals, listeners will experience an unparalleled musical experience.

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