If you are looking for a unique band for your next event,and want to add a special twist to the music you present, consider checking outpopular Orange County Rock and R and B and Blue Daddy. This five-member grouphas been playing locally together for longer than a decade, entertaining a widevariety of people with both their charisma and talent. Some of their largerpast events include playing at the Orange County Coach House and Galaxy, andthe 2002 Doheny Blues Festival.

Blue Daddy’s Background

Blue Daddy’s experience with rocking out crowds is widely known throughout the local SouthernCalifornian music scene. Their talent and charismatic performances throughoutthe years have attracted a wide range of followers and fans, dedicated tohearing this band play. Typically, the sets the band plays include theiroriginal songs, and some classic coversthat the band adds their flavor and spin to.

Throughout the years, Blue Daddy has played with animpressive bevy of well-known performers as well. These bands include LosLobos, BB King, Eddie Money, and John Mayall. Furthermore, the band has evenperformed on KOCE-TV’s Sound Affects.

Blue Daddy’s Band Members

Blue Daddy’s band members have also taken part in theformation and performances of other bands. Since their members occasionallyperform with other groups, their collective range brings a wide variety ofmusical styles and influences to the stage. Some of the other genres the bandmembers have dabbled in include Delta Blues, Chicago Blues, R and B, Gospel,rock, jazz, and Motown.

Blue Daddy’s band members include John Moore on lead vocals; Gene Toth on harmonica,rhythm guitar, vocals; Dave Russell on lead guitar; Mike Quinlan on bassguitar, vocals; and Frank DeMarzo, on drums.

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