If you are looking for a unique venue for your next event, consider using WithinSodo in Seattle, WA. The building has a distinctive history, which produced its rare elemental space and design. The building, throughout the years, had been used as a metal shop, an industrial equipment sales location, and a warehouse for furniture storage.

WithinSodo’s Benefits

The setup of the building produces a large amount of open space and a one-of-a-kind feeling for those event attendees. One bonus of this building’s unique history and setup is the space, which gives the rare advantage for your ticket buyers, as they won’t feel crowded.

With a 3,000 square foot rooftop deck, and one-third of that space producing warmth with built-in heaters, the outside space is not only large and contemporary but provides some of the best views of downtown Seattle. The backdrop and setting, should you select an outside spot for your event, is exceptional.

Inside WithinSodo

Inside, the venue provides a modernized finished area, complete with three rooms of 1,600 feet each that can be divided. There are three bathrooms located indoors, a caterer’s kitchen, two bar areas, a projection screen that is 80’’, and an impressive audio system. WithinSodo can also cover your events, whether they are large or small, and hold up to 500 people. The matchless interior development of the building means that the staff can assist you with just about any type of event you need.

With the benefits and unique experience, such an interesting venue with wide open space can provide, your event goers are sure to be pleased with the building. The modern touch and renovated contemporary style offered by WithinSodo is difficult for most other venues to compete with.

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