Finding a decent band to impress your ticket holders at your next event can sometimes be a daunting task. If you are dealing with a general audience, or aren’t quite sure about what your attendees might want, what can you do? What type of band should you try to hire?

Perhaps the best approach to this situation is to find an experienced rock band that can put on an entertaining show. One such band, we can recommend is Bedlams Edge, from San Diego, CA, a band that has been rocking places like parties, dive bars, events, and the San Diego Fair since 2005.

Bedlams Edge’s Performances

Bedlams Edge puts on an energetic and charismatic performance, combining both rock and blues inspired music with a unique edge that keeps their audiences rocking throughout the night. With over a decade of experience putting on shows, they have amassed an impressive number of followers, and their name at your venue comes with the bonus of their fans’ interest in attendance.

Bedlams Edge’s Music

Bedlams Edge can play an impressive amount of cover songs, taking requests throughout the event to keep the audience members engaged. Their rock and blues covers are not only charismatic but inspired by their influences and love for the music they play. Beyond this, Bedlams Edge also can provide a wide selection of their original rock and blues style music to liven up the entertainment and offer something unique to the evening.

With such an impressive array of talent and a variety of both covers and originals to bring to your next event, you can see why Bedlams Edge would be an excellent selection for any venue. They are the type of band that can impress and entertain just about everybody with their selection of songs and fantastic performing skills.

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