Defining craft beer can be a difficult concept, as many people have their opinions about exactly what craft beer is, and what makes it taste excellent. However, the Brewers Association provides beer enthusiasts with one definition to describe what an American Craft Brewer is.

What Is American Craft Beer?

According to the Brewers Association, American Craft Brewers possess three qualifications. First, they are small and usually create six million barrels of beer or less yearly. Second, they are independent, and less that twenty-five percent of the brewery is owned by an alcohol industry member that is not a craft brewer. Last, they are traditional, and their creation of beer flavors is based on the combination of both traditional and create brewing.

The Rockaway Brewing Co.

One such brewery worth mentioning is the Rockaway Brewing Co in Long Island, NY. Recently relocated to the Ridgewood/Bushwick border and calling its new location Playa NYC, this move helped to introduce the brewery’s brand to a wider audience and cement its status as a place offering quality American beer.

Marcus Burnett and Ethan Long, the two owners of Rockaway Brewing Co., recreated a vacant lot located at 176 Woodward Avenue and turned the lot not only into a location for the brewery but also a beach entertainment stop for locals and visitors alike. The beach location itself is 5,000 square feet, located near the brewery, and includes chairs, umbrellas, and other ocean front views for customers to enjoy.

Entertainment at the Beach

Barbecue grills are also offered, although the general concept behind them is much like a park and customers must bring their food. However, entertainment is not usually lacking, and Burnett and Long both have plans to collaborate with local artists to bring more fun to the beach. With the introduction of all of this activity and the new spot, both brewery owners hope that their goal of selling more beer will be achieved.

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