Each event you produce will offer you its unique set of challenges alongside a set of requirements. As long as you carefully address your audience to suit your event’s individualized necessities, you can achieve success. One item that you always need to consider and then address carefully is the type of band you wish to hire, and whether or not their sound and performance can match up with the expectations of your event goers.

Project Tru’s Music

One band whose stylings are likely to satisfy audiences at many events because of their unique blend of musical genres, talent, and the fan base is Project Tru. Project Tru utilizes influences from rock, rap, blues, funk, and soul within their songs, making them a difficult band to fit into a musical genre. However, this same effect also makes them a much-loved band because their music is so intermixed it seems to strike a chord of entertainment in almost all who listen.

Project Tru’s style

Project Tru’s combination style stems from the fact that their band is made up of twelve members, which means they are a larger than the average band. However, the number of members are necessary because together they can produce their intermixed music extremely effectively. This recipe works for them because so many instruments are required to capture their creative sound.

Project Tru as a Band

Robert Trujillo, a singer, bassist, and songwriter, formed the band and inspired the band’s original goal of making excellent music with a funk influence. However, as the band progressed, they retained funk influences but began adding other styles of genres of music into their sound to perfect their unique brand of sound.

Besides, Trujillo, who is now mostly on bass, band members include Tim “TJR Ramirez and Robert Scott on guitars, Lee Godden on drums, Tony Vizcarra on percussion, Rapper Kelly B, Robin Nivans on backup vocals, and their impressive horn section.

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