If you are searching to find a band for your next event, and you would like to provide your audience with a full set of options for their auditory enjoyment, then you need to find a band that can offer a span of variety to play. While these bands can be difficult to find and few and number, there is a band out there whose songs reflect on decades of music style, and bring with them to the state an energetic show that is sure to awe event goers.

EL84’s Music Style

EL84 as a band brings to every performance their ability to play across musical decades and genres to offer a wide selection at your next event. Their songs reflect styles from the 70s 80s and 90s. Each band member has a classically trained background, and this unique talent has allowed them to be able to play a wide variety of songs from various time periods with showmanship and mastery.

EL84 describes their musical style as a product of decades of musical evolution and experience. Their ability to master so many styles and selections combined with their background in musical history adds a unique feel to their musical offerings. They certainly make any event they play at memorable since their sound brings with it so much talent and entertainment.

EL84 As a Band

Band members are listed as Reed on guitar and vocals, Jefferson on guitar and vocals, Marco on bass, Tony on drums, and Kevin as the sound engineer, manager, and agent. Together, the band will bring much to your next event, including a great evening of music.

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