Are you looking for an entertaining dance band for your next event, but also craving something that offers your audience not only the ability to rock the night away but also a taste of innovation? If so, consider hiring Rendez-Vous, an eclectic dance music inspired band out of Chicago, who offer more than the usual instrumentals of most dance bands and can put on a show that your event goers will always remember.

What Rendez-Vous Offers

As a dance band, Rendez-Vous brings more members to the stage than the usual players. Typically their ensemble is made up of eight to fourteen people playing music, and their instruments include far more than the usual setup. Comprised not only of the typical vocals, bass, guitar, drums, and keyboard, Rendez-Vous includes violin players as well as horns in their performances, which creates a unique feel for the dance music they create.

The talented combination of band members Rendez-Vous brings to every event provides music that offers excellent vocals, talented horn players, and awesome string sets. This mixture packs a punch when played together. The style of dance music created offers up a unique instrumental style not usually brought to the stage by other dance bands.

Rendez-Vous On Stage

Since Rendez-Vous brings to the stage such a powerful variety of instruments and possesses a larger than a normal number of band members for a dance group, their performance is also very energetic and entertaining. Seeing such a large number of people playing together and creating such impressive, sound popping music should inspire your crowd to both watches Rendez-Vous and dance all night long.

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