We had the opportunity to speak with DJ Native One about his current and upcoming projects.

Alex Bates, known as DJ Native One started producing music when he was eight, but started seriously when he was 18. “I’ve always said Unity through music, but on a deeper level it’s a major way to get lost from the life and reality that some people say takes a toll on people and myself from work to any day job or action,” he said. Bates explained that music and his passion for it comes from smiles, vibes, and love from others. “I don’t think as myself as a big time DJ,” explained Bates. “I think of myself as a small cell in everyone’s brain that activates their movement to dance and get lost when they here my music.”

DJ Native One has his Uncle William to thank for getting his start in music. His uncle is a Reggae artist in Indio, CA, which had a big impact on Bates life. “He has shown me to be humble and love everyone for who they are,” Bates said. “Music brings the best out of people and he’s shown me that.” A dream collaborator and huge inspiration for DJ Native One is Skrillex – a producer with many genres of productions under his belt. “His passion and words of wisdom have pushed me to be more passionate and loving towards music,” said Bates.

RandomStructureTV – a YouTube channel – recently posted a video that featured DJ Native One’s Super Quickie Mashup, a Dance and EDM track that features pop songs from Fifth Harmony, Rihanna, and Adele. Bates had no idea the track was used until a friend told him about it. “I’m not one to copyright work of push credit, but it does help on the other hand,” Bates said. “…His credit for the video and using my mashup was a big step up.”

Look out for more music from DJ Native One soon! He’s currently producing more tracks set to come out soon, and has posting tons of material on his social media pages, which you can check out here.