Need a premier rock band to impress your audience at your next event? If you already know that your ticket holders favor rock music, and you are aiming to please them, then you want to hire an impressive rock band that can play a wide variety of music to please your crowd and keep them dancing all night long.

Mogollon’s Background

One such band, Mogollon (the name stems from the “Mogollon Rim”), offers you the opportunity to meet this goal. Together since 1980, this band brings with it not only an amazing level of experience but a wide range of musical opportunity for your audience alongside an energetic show. The band started its musical history in Northeastern Arizona, based out of a town located there called Overgaard.

Living in such a small town. Initially the band enjoyed playing music to impress high school friends as well as to give themselves something to do. The band branched out to doing a few live performances to test the water and found out that their audiences enjoyed them, so they had potential. Trusting in those that saw them perform, Mogollon moved onto other venues and found their popularity and fan base kept growing.

Mogollon as a Band

Mogollon’s travels, talent, and success allowed them to become one of the Premier County Rock Entertainment bands in the West. Band members include Jeff Hammond, David Miller, Ken McLaughlin, Duane Moore, George Brunson, and Charles Gillespie.

Even after achieving this honor, they continue to hold themselves to high-performance standards, making them a amazing band to see. Their ability to perform a wide range of music, from covers of Hank Williams and Pink Floyd to their original songs, guarantees they will bring enough variety to your event to keep you entertained.

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