"Do you think most of the today's art came about because of the Beatles? I don't believe you're that insane — Paul — do you believe that? When you stop believing it, you might wake up!”

These are some of the lines anybody who has ever read John Lennon’s Beatles’ break-up letter may remember. The infamous letter, written by John Lennon for Paul and Linda McCarthy, was penned after the renowned band broke up. It’s instantly obvious to tell Lennon’s mood when he composed the words since the letter is filled with profanity and sometimes rambles. His anger is prevalent throughout the wording, and his absolute frustration comes across solidly.

John Lennon’s Angry Letter

To garner some empathy here for Lennon, since the letter is by no means a masterpiece of British literature, anybody that has ever tried to write a letter to somebody he or she is incredibly annoyed with knows, probably, how writing a letter like this must feel. Most of us find we do the same things Lennon did in his letter—over-explain, write in circles, and cuss. Since we all know John Lennon existed as a top-shelf lyricist, his wording in his letter isn’t typically what we’d label as “choice,” although he had a few choice words for Paul and Linda McCarthy.

What Made Lennon Write the Letter?

What spawned this letter of anger and frustration from Lennon? Dated at around 1971, Lennon is supposedly responding to criticism from Linda McCarthy. Most who have read this letter feel he responded to Linda McCarthy stating she was upset with him for refusing to announce his departure from the band publicly. Obviously angered by the criticism, Lennon shot back at both her and Paul McCarthy.

The two-paged typed draft includes some personal annotations from Lennon on the script. It could have been intended for a rewrite and retype, but the letter we have in existence today looks more like a draft. Whether or not this was the original letter sent to Paul and Linda McCarthy or an earlier version of it did not seem to matter to those who wanted to own it and put it back in the headlines again.

Why is Lennon’s Letter Making Headlines?

So, why is it making headlines again? RR Auction, based out of Boston, recently auctioned off the letter to the tune of a $30,000 sale. So obviously, it’s a valuable item to many Beatles, McCarthy, and Lennon fans.

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