With the Internet so prevalent nowadays, impacting your business brand upon it to boost your potential emerges as crucial each and every time you advertise for a new event. Ideally, you want to link your brand’s logo and image to each event you plan, to improve the visibility of your offerings and attract those supportive, return purchases. Since the Internet packed itself with businesses attempting to advertise in each and every way possible, how can you manage to make your brand’s lasting impression rise before your next Event?

Make Sure Your Logo Reflects on Your Business

First and foremost, if you don’t have a logo, you need to get one. Having a brand logo will give your customers a visible picture to go along with your name, and is needed to get you noticed when you set about your advertising campaigns. If you use an image beside the logo for your marketing, make sure to hyper impose the logo somewhere on the new image so that both your company logo and name are clear on the image.

Attack Social Media

Social Media is one place you want to attack to link your brand logo with your ticket sales. Both Twitter and Facebook are great places to start for this. Twitter offers the ability, through Chirpify, for ticket purchases to be made right from a tweet. Facebook also offers a similar opportunity through the combination of a fan page and the app Eventbee, which when setup, allows you to sell tickets right from your Facebook fan page. When you make your posts on either Twitter or Facebook, remember to write an interesting caption, include a link to your website as well for ticket sale purchases, and include a catchy image with your brand logo. Without a link, people may easily lose track of where to buy tickets, and without an image, they may completely overlook your post.

Campaign with Your Logo Up Until The Last Minute

No matter what event you are trying to promote, make sure to advertise your brand with your logo for as long as you possibly can. As time starts running out before the event, many promoters tend to offer discounts for walk-ins to continue to attract ticket sales and get the most people possible to attend the event up until the point it’s no longer feasible to sell the tickets. Linking your brand with discounts and promotions never hurts, and tends to attract more people to your event.

Sell Tickets at Eventcombo

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