David Blaine’s recently taken on a fully packed schedule, with a new television show whose wrap-up will then introduce him to his first world tour. If you’re curious about seeing David Blaine perform live, it’s certainly worthwhile to take a gander at his show, David Blaine Beyond Magic, where he offers up his impressive magic tricks to individuals on the streets.

Blaine Changes Up His Style

The sixty-minute show, which airs on ABC as a special, is packed with the thrilling type of death-defying illusions only David Blaine could provide to his audience. Blaine himself admitted it took a lot of hard work to get this far with his show since it’s taken about three years to complete the planning of the magic behind the initial season.

Blaine took the time to learn many new types of tricks, things he called “more historical pieces of magic” linked to some of the world’s most famous performers. Part of the show features Blaine experiencing the process of learning the new tricks behind the scenes. After Blaine learns the tricks on the show, he typically takes to the streets to demonstrate his newly learned tricks. The most exciting thing about performing on the streets for people he could interact with on a more personal basis for Blaine was, as he stated, the “amazing and truthful responses from people of all walks of life.”

Blaine’s World Tour

Blaine also informed his audience that this television special would be the last one he does before he proceeds to travel on his first world tour. To Blaine, this particular television special is important because it will be exceptional compared to his other performances, and introduce him to the world using a new style of magic.

Blaine’s Performance for Celebrities

Pushing the limits of his talents, and taking the time to learn a more personalized level of performance made Blaine not only enjoy the special but caused him to state, “This is my favorite special so far.” His favorite aspect is sharing the story behind the scenes with his audience so that the audience gets to see his learning process and the amount of work that went into his strategy. Even more impressive is the fact Blaine not only shares his tricks to regular people, but he also performs for celebrities on the special Some of the celebrities include Johnny Depp, Dave Chappelle, Drake, Jennifer Lawrence, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Emma Stone.

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