Using media to grab an audience is a smart method to get more people at your events. But don’t just stop there, continue to use media during your events and watch connections grow.

Technology has become a huge aspect of our lives. We use some form of technology everyday for various tasks. At events, it is just as important to continue using technology in any kind of form. We’ve become so attached to our devices and the World Wide Web that to keep us interested, we need to see and continue to navigate through the Internet.

Once you have Internet access in your event, you are giving your audience the chance to use Twitter using the company’s hashtag. Have multiple hashtags during your event. One that promotes the company or organization, this hashtag will be used for every event you have. The second hashtag should have to do with the event you’re having that day. Having more than one gives the search engines more to work with. You’re business hashtag will show searchers what you do and your second hashtag will give them insight to the types of events you hold. Getting Internet access especially in hotels can be difficult because most hotels don’t provide Internet access in their conference areas. If there is a fee, work on getting a sponsor to pay for it.

Google Hangout
Interaction and feeling that connection between you and your audience is important. If people come to your event and don’t feel welcomed, they won’t tweet and some will leave. Build a connection from the beginning and create conversation with your audience. A good way of doing this is by using Google Hangout. You can have up to 10 people on videoconferences and it’s a good way of presenting to your audience the type of conversations you are your team have and by including them in those conversations, they’ll feel more involved on the mission you’re trying to complete.

Mobile Apps
​Make sure that your website is mobile friendly. Mostly everyone at your event will have their phones with them; it will make it easier for people to access information on your site. Creating an app for your organization or company can also be beneficial to your customers. The app will be able to send them notifications about upcoming events and other updates they may be interested in. It’s also a lot cheaper than printing programs and brochures and will save the company money in the long run.