If you are trying to get your music out there in the industry, but are experiencing difficulties getting your songs out into the world, you are probably looking for an avenue to accomplish this still. Rather than approaching the strategy blindly and throwing your hard work toward any label or publisher that will listen, take a step back and reconsider your strategy.

Reconsider Your Strategy with Taxi

Reconsidering your strategy is what Taxi can help any artist do with his or her band’s music. Rather than trying to pitch your music everywhere and hoping somebody will pick up on your talent, you can approach your attempts with a more successful strategy and Taxi can assist you. Taxi's promotional services help you find your target audience of interest for your pitches, which will help to push your success further.

Music Targeting

Targeting your music to parties that are looking and interested in your genre, Taxi can guide you on the path to getting your band’s voice out there. Taxi’s plan is not only to assist you with your hopes and dreams in the music industry, but to save time, stress, and worry by focusing on those in the industry that would be predisposed to enjoying your music.

Taxi’s Approach

How does Taxi do this? With years of knowledge about the industry, Taxi provides the missing link or guidance; most new artists need to shop their music around successfully. Michael Laskow of Taxi comes with thirty years’ experience in the music industry and has helped produce records of all kinds—including gold and platinum ones. Laskow founded Taxi in 1992 and has since been the CEO. His talent helped to make Taxi “the world’s leading Independent A & R Company.”

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