For your next event, if you are considering unique and modern dance music to get the partygoers moving, then you want an edgy band with a beat. But what about an edgy band that knows how to use the roots of the music industry to create new, popping creations and lyrical beats that attract event-goers? If that’s your goal, there is a band you should consider for your next venue.

Meet Midnight Revival

A quote on Midnight Revival’s website describes them effectively: “Midnight Revival is sort of like some scrappy old pawn shop. They just take that old [stuff] nobody pays much attention to anymore, jumble it all together, and put it back on the rack. After a brief dusting of course, and sure the price tag is cheap. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something in there if you got a minute.”

They describe their music as similar to Modest Mouse, but with an edgier guitar sounding style, amazing drum playing, fantastic bass, and a female lead singer. The band members include Bill Shirk, Rev. Dave Roth, David Kirslis, and Matthew Kendrick.

Midnight Revival’s Samples

Rocking out to their original music, Midnight Revival offers to provide amazing music at your next event. The band is available to play all styles of venues, including bars and clubs, private parties, and even opening up for acts. They offer samples of their music on their website,

The provided samples are from their in-progress first full album, which they are attempting to complete and are also asking for donations so they can finish their project. Aaron Futch in Atlanta and Midnight Revival in Experiment, Georgia managed to record the sample songs for the album, with assistance from Crisp B. Flynt and Samuel Clemens. All production, mixing, and master was done by Midnight Revival, demonstrating how talented they are at making their work.

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