If you enjoy rock and roll and want to feature it at your next event, but also need to make sure you can get people to dance, there’s one famous rock and roll band that’s been able to do this for decades: AC/DC. Not only is their musical style an amazing contribution to rock and roll as a genre, but it also gets partygoers moving. Additionally, the more attracted people are to the music you are offering at your event, the more likely they are to come, and AC/DC is renowned worldwide. So, if you want your next event to rock AC/DC style, then why not hire the best AC/DC tribute band out there?

An Introduction to Live Wire

Live Wire, probably the most well-known AC/DC tribute band, had performed their act worldwide since 2000 when the band formed In Australia. They started off on the Australian club circuit and have since achieved worldwide fame traveling the globe and touring five continents. To add to their stellar rock qualifications, they have also been featured live on XM Satellite Radio as well as on the CBS Morning News. Perhaps their best recommendation comes from AC/DC’s Angus Young, who recognized Live Wire by making them the only AC/DC Tribute band to be presented on AC/DC’s official websites and social media pages, as well as on AC/DC’s lone documentary, “AC/DC Fannation.”

Live Wire’s Rock and Roll Qualifications

With so many top rock and roll qualifications, you can relax knowing Live Wire will put on an excellent performance at your event. Just what will they bring with them to your next gig? Live Wire puts on a show just like AC/DC can, making many who have seen both bands commend them for their energy, passion, performance, and charisma on stage. As a band, LiveWire is as unstoppable as AC/DC, providing the same powerful rock and roll style and performance. As the only AC/DC recognized tribute band, their status worldwide and current hits have made them superstars.

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