If you’re looking for an edgier rock to attract your audience to your next event, and want something that will give ticket buyers a performance they will leave wanting to see again, then check out the rock and metal band Bullet Train. Bullet Train promises to not only put on an energetic show for onlookers but can take your event to the next level with their charisma and entertainment value.

If your target crowd prefers something a little heavier and loud, then Bullet Train should rock out at your next venue. If you can think of rock with a tinge of heavy metal, combined with the band’s charisma, then you’ll be able to picture the type of rocking performance this band will provide at your next show.

What Does Bullet Train Offer?

Bullet Train offers up on their Facebook page an excellent description of their rock and metal sound: "Our music is explosive. And it isn't composed or notated. It just comes out of what's inside of us." Their shows demonstrate a strong passion for their music, inspiring a high level of performance that is sure to keep a crowd both interested and energized.

Bullet Train’s Influences

Their influences also help to describe their music and sound and include Relient K, Need to Breathe, Slash, Mumford & Sons, Muse, Foo Fighters, The Technicolor’s, and Slash. With a modern rock and metal feel, event goers may notice some stylings from these bands in Bullet Train’s music, but they will also recognize that Bullet Train owns their unique sound and performance when putting on a show.

Bullet Train’s Band Members

Listed band members include Lambo on guitars, Z on keys and vocals, Emmie on guitars and vocals, and Papa on Bass. The band performs out of Scottsdale, Arizona, which is their location, and with their strong sound and rocking energy, are sure to provide your next event with a charismatic performance that will both entertain onlookers and make your next event a hit.

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