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15 Top Team Building Activities for Corporate Events – Elevate Engagement & Unity

15 Top Team Building Activities for Corporate Events – Elevate Engagement & Unity

May 08, 2024 Praggya Joshi

Strong leadership manifests through effective team building efforts. Encouraging teamwork has become increasingly vital in the contemporary era, particularly as people from diverse cultural backgrounds collaborate remotely or in hybrid setups. The saying 'teamwork makes the dream work' by the renowned American speaker John Calvin Maxwell perfectly underscores the importance of working together. Thoughtfully chosen and organized team-building activities foster improved social connections, communication, and collaboration, ultimately bolstering team performance.  

In this blog we will discuss top 10 activities that you can readily organize in a corporate event setting to maximize positive outcomes. 

1. Quick Response Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts, as part of a bigger event, can be elevated to a new level by incorporating Quick Response (QR) codes. This activity involves using QR codes as checkpoints that players scan, leading them to websites or clues relevant to the game. If you are organizing a large-scale event such as a sales kick-off, then a QR code Scavenger Hunt can be used as a team building activity to foster greater interaction among attendees.  

To set it up, integrate additional pages into your event registration website. These pages will contain clues for items that players can collect. Divide participants into teams and allow the first pair to access clues by locating and scanning QR codes strategically placed throughout the venue. Once a clue is revealed, it should be relayed back to the team leader for deciphering before the next team can locate the required item. Alternatively, you can develop a scavenger hunt using a mobile event app equipped with various gamification elements, enabling you to create engaging games for attendee participation.

2. What's My Name?

In this compelling corporate team-building exercise, each participant is designated with the name of either a deceased or living individual. These names will be visibly displayed on the player, perhaps on index cards or badges, allowing other participants to easily read them. Subsequently, the players will engage in interactions, basing their conduct towards colleagues on how they would typically interact with the individual whose name they've been assigned. Encourage players to engage in conversation until they can successfully guess the identity of the person they are portraying.

3. Take a Peek

Peek-a-Build offers a memory-centric approach to team building, ideal for corporate gatherings. To set up this activity, procure construction materials such as building blocks. A designated leader will construct a model, and remaining team members must replicate it. However, there's a twist: participants are granted just 10 seconds to observe the structure before attempting to recreate it. They may verbally convey what they observed to fellow teammates in an endeavor to closely match the original design.

4. Trivia

Trivia games are fantastic for promoting collaboration and engagement. Questions can focus on specific topics or be more random. To enhance participants' knowledge, consider asking general trivia questions. 

For example, if hosting Happy Hour, ask questions about art and culture. Otherwise, entertaining trivia questions are suitable. Examples include: 

  • How many pizza slices are consumed in the US every second?
  • Which character in a movie was referred to as Lunar Larry?
  • How can you determine the age of a horse?
  • What is the real name of the park owner John Hammond in Jurassic Park?

5. Create an escape room
If you're planning a large-scale corporate event, such as an outdoor training day, consider incorporating an escape room challenge to invigorate your employees' minds. It's an engaging team-building activity that can seamlessly integrate into both in-person and virtual gatherings. For an in-person escape room challenge, selecting a suitable venue that's easily reachable is key. From there, opt for a theme that aligns with your audience's interests, whether it's a jungle expedition or a voyage into space. Then, craft puzzles that cater to a variety of strengths and skills among participants, ensuring everyone enjoys a rewarding and entertaining experience.

6. Speed Networking Workshop
Speed networking helps build professional contacts or connections. Speed networking workshop in particular combines get-to-know-you discussions with various challenges. The challenges enhance team cohesiveness. In a typical in-person workshop, participants are given a playing card and their table designation. It starts with a lively ice-breaking session followed by a fun get-to-know-you activity. Subsequently, a facilitator introduces a challenge for which tables compete against one another. After every competition, new teams are formed. It encompasses quick rounds of activities that ensure best possible interactions between individuals.

7. A Tasty Painting Session
This leisurely team-building exercise provides an opportunity for participants to delve into their painting abilities while indulging in delightful beverages. By prompting individuals to venture beyond their usual boundaries and express their creativity, this activity cultivates collaboration and facilitates deeper connections among participants.

8. Hold a TED Talk
A TED Talk delivers distinctive insights and perspectives, furnishing attendees with substantial food for contemplation. Consider orchestrating a simulated TED Talk as a team-building endeavor. Potential topics for speakers might encompass: 

  •  The future trajectory of sustainable architecture 
  •  The transformative impact of artificial intelligence across multiple sectors 
  •  The imperative of safeguarding cultural heritage

9. Sales Pitch
The sales pitch exercise presents an enjoyable and inventive approach to fostering teamwork. Participants collaborate in teams, receiving a box of assorted items like balls, napkins, or potting soil, presented one by one. Each team is allotted one minute to craft their pitch. Following all presentations, judges discern the most persuasive pitch. 

10. Virtual Book Club
A virtual book club brings together individuals with shared interests and passions. Similar to its physical counterpart, a virtual book club serves as an avenue for team members to engage in collective reading experiences and exchange their reflections. Organizing sessions where participants are required to complete the assigned reading material encourages commitment and helps identify the most dedicated members of the book club.

11. Shark Tank
Shark Tank is an excellent team-building game for developing entrepreneurial skills. Participants form small groups and have 15 minutes to devise a product to present to the "investors." The team with the most innovative and appealing product wins.

12. Host and Tell
Host and Tell offers a professional rendition of the nostalgic childhood game, Show and Tell. You may tailor it for new hires or interns. In this game, each team member shares something they hold dear, accompanied by a tangible demonstration. This initiative cultivates stronger connections within the team, unveiling individual interests and values in the process.

13. Organize a Murder Mystery Experience
A murder mystery experience offers an engaging platform for team-building interactions, catering to a diverse range of interests and confidence levels. Participants engage in deciphering riddles and clues to progress through the storyline, ultimately unveiling the identity of the culprit. This immersive activity calls upon individuals to utilize their critical thinking and collaboration skills. 

To orchestrate such an event, begin by selecting a theme and crafting a plot around it. Consider enlisting the talents of actors to enhance the entertainment value. Choose a suitable venue to set the stage, ensuring ample space for participants to immerse themselves in the experience. Provide each attendee with a costume to further immerse them in the narrative. During the event, challenge the detectives to unravel the mystery using intriguing clues and hints scattered throughout the venue. Conclude the evening with a dinner party, offering an opportunity for participants to reflect on their shared experience and further foster camaraderie.

14. Blindfold Maze
The Blindfold Maze presents an enjoyable team-building initiative that can be scheduled on a monthly basis. The activity commences with all participants, except for the leader, blindfolded. Forming a line, blindfolded members maintain physical contact by placing a hand on the shoulder of the person in front of them. Guided solely by the leader's verbal directions, the team navigates through a succession of obstacles as a cohesive unit. The leader provides precise instructions to aid the visually impaired team members. This game serves as a platform for instilling essential skills such as effective communication, attentive listening, and fostering trust among team members.

15. Nature Photography Challenge
Team building can occur at a more leisurely pace as well. It's not always necessary to focus on competition or the dynamic of winning and losing, even within a team setting. Try organizing a nature photography expedition for your teams by providing them with cameras. Participants can venture into the great outdoors, working together to capture the most captivating shots. This activity fosters interaction, collaboration, and communication among team members, while also creating enduring memories. 


Now you know how to motivate, energize, and rejuvenate your team members. We have included activities to foster a cohesive and positive culture that enhances engagement and productivity, whether in-person or virtually. Following each activity, gather feedback through survey questions to further amplify the impact of your event.

Explore Eventcombo’s suite of tools designed to ensure seamless corporate event execution. https://bit.ly/3R9bkuP

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