Eventcombo sat down with Ben Taylor, the lead in the band Beecher’s Fault.

Before Beecher’s Fault became what it is today. It started out with only Ben Taylor and Ken Lameken in 2010. Both lived in New Jersey where they were able to get into a studio and record demos that later turned into their first EP’s. Beecher’s Fault was formed by 2011 when Taylor and Lameken decided to move to NYC to pursue their dream. Since then members Max Maples, Serge Ruccolo, and Lauren Hunt have been added to the band.

The name Beecher’s Fault is something unique to the band. “Beecher is to blame for everything. It’s all his fault,” Taylor said about the band name. If you search the name Beecher on Google, you’ll see that he was a clergyman, and his daughter, Catharine Beecher, promoted equal educational opportunities for women. Neither definition makes the name of the band any clearer, but what we do know is, whatever Beecher did, it indeed is his fault.

Beecher’s Fault creates music that is folk rock meets synth pop, this can be seen on their newest single “Like Cartoons” which has a cool Snapchat music video to go along with it. “We often compare ourselves to Wilco and Passion Pit having a baby,” Taylor said about the band’s sound. “We have a wide range of influences from classic rock bands like Pink Floyd to modern artists like Jr. Jr.”

Taylor and Lameken currently finished a tour in Nashville performing as a duo, something they do often without the band as a whole. “We have a tour booked again in June that will include more members of the bad,” said Taylor. He explained that touring can be tiring and a lot of work yet the rewards of being around the fans and having fun is what makes it worth doing. Another great aspect is seeing how dedicated fans are. “We had people who knew us come out to see us in states we had never even been to!”

Being that Beecher’s Fault is based in NYC, their dream venue is Madison Square Garden. They are currently working on more music and more shows showcasing the band and their talents. “We are actually in the studio again now working on some new material,” Taylor said. “We plan to pack the summer with gigs both here in NYC and on the road.”

Check out Beecher’s Fault Spotify page for more music!