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The Future of Event Technology™


Eventcombo Fireworks®

Eventcombo is a #SinglePlatform self-service in-person and virtual event solution with cutting edge technology that allows events of all shapes and sizes to easily, quickly create and host events. We've been responsible for accomplishing a lot of "FIRSTS" in the event industry. We've been fortunate enough to be the very first event platform to introduce:

  1. The ability to "bundle" your tickets with services like Uber, Lyft, ParkWhiz, Airbnb and more
  2. The ability to have multiple dates and times under a single event, making it easier for you to manage multi-day events (festivals, conferences, classes, shows, etc.)
  3. The ability to have multiple venues under a single event, making it easier for you to manage complex events
  4. A rewards system, offering value to event attendees, who love being appreciated with free tickets and establishing greater loyalty
  5. Our very own virtual venue solution, called Fireworks®. You have to experience it to believe it
  6. The #SinglePlatform Advantage: As by now, you must be tired of using two or more different tools for your events, we are truly a hybrid event platform: having an in-person event management solution with over 65 features in addition to Fireworks®, a one of its kind virtual venue that you can fully customize and brand for your event experience

We exist to empower your events and help you become successful. But that's not all. We go beyond the registration. There is a whole world of experience when we attend an event that goes beyond the transaction. That is the world we bring to you.

We've combined our experience to bring you the best online event experience possible, PLUS MORE.

Tools to manage your event from A-Z? Yes.
24x7 Helicopter Support? Yes.
Virtual Events? Yes.
In Person Events? Yes.
Managing Attendees? Yes.
Everything Else? Yes.

Ask us what we won't do and you'll be disappointed because we do it ALL as a consolidated, one-stop-shop for your events, attendees, registrations, virtual or in-person management and an array of features your professional event requires.

Contact Us to learn more. We'll be happy to share our strategy for showing you a new way to host and manage events.