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Director, Writer, Producer: Jowy Joel Santiago.

Baseball player, Reymond Fuentes, sends a message to the Team Rubio, Puerto Rican team in the Baseball World Classic, and to the people of Puerto Rico to unite and confront adversities.


Director, Writer, Producer: Mehdi Hosseinzade

On the railway track, which is the way to carry weapons to the war fronts, tulips grow inside the railway tracks.
During her growth, the flower witnesses that the other flowers collide with the train before reaching their full growth. So she tries to find a solution to this problem, and also prevent the train from crossing the tracks.


Director: Ethan Barrett

Writer: Ethan Barrett

Producer: Tiffany Barrett

As he cradles his newborn, a father wonders if his daughter would be better off without him and imagines her life once he is gone. Completely hand-drawn with crayons.


Director and Writer: Marissa Emmanuelle Velez

Producer: Emily Korteweg

A short film about a young woman goes out one night to a social club to connect with her Puerto Rican identity.


Director, Writer, Producer: Natasha Julyanne

José is a Puerto Rican veteran of the Vietnam War. This war affected him physically, but his biggest wound was psychological. However, there was an additional victim who fought a stronger battle, his wife Wanda. The real war of a soldier is not carried out in a field; it begins at the end of the journey. At this point the real warrior is the couple, who almost never have a voice. Can perseverance fight the helplessness of trauma?


Director: Melissa Sue Lopez

Writer: Melissa Sue Lopez, Charles Allen 

Producer: Melissa Sue Lopez

“Willing to Kill, Willing to Die” simultaneously tells of the journey of a Latina filmmaker, unversed in military life, discovering the story of the military career of one of Vietnam’s most numerically decorated soldiers, Puerto Rican Sgt. Jorge Otero-Barreto, and recounts his many accomplishments and challenges. The documentary sheds light into how Sgt. Jorge Otero Barreto, also known as Sgt. Rock and the “Puerto Rican Rambo,” who served five tours in Vietnam, has become such a legendary soldier amongst his peers. The docuseries tells of the battles he has taken part in, the units he was a part of, and how he was instrumental in one of the most successful, and yet unsung, gritty battles of the Vietnam War. Through his story we begin to discover the injustice done not only to him, but also to his 1st Platoon soldiers and the soldiers of A Company 1/502nd Infantry, 101st Airborne Division as a whole in the misrepresentations of the Battle of Phuoc Yen.


Director: Mehdi Hosseinzade

Producer: Raha Zakieh Rahbari

A dog crashes into a car while crossing the road, and the driver continues on his way regardless of the injured dog. During the time that the dog is lying on the side of the road, several other cars pass by without paying attention to the injured dog, until a car stops to help the dog. But he helps the dog in a special way.


Director: Dani Adaliz, Lance Holloway

Writer: Ashley Soto Paniagua, Dani Adaliz, Jocelli Paniagua

Producer: Ashley Soto Paniagua, Dani Adaliz

Set in the Bay area, buddy comedy CHUCHI AND ADALIZ is a five episode single-camera digital series that follows childhood best friends who, despite having a shared racial and ethnic identity as AfroPuerto Ricans, couldn’t be more different than each other as adults. When Adaliz loses her high powered corporate job in San Francisco and moves in with Chuchi in Oakland, the audience watches avatars of San Francisco (Adaliz) and Oakland (Chuchi) and how their socioeconomic differences shape behavior, as San Francisco is 54.4% more expensive to live in than Oakland. This project aims to showcase adult female friendships and how identity and socioeconomic status shapes those dynamics, while also adding a missing touchstone in the media landscape in relation to Latinx and Afrolatinx representation, one free of trauma porn and violence and instead highlighting a universal experience: friendship. Continuing its commitment to uplifting underrepresented communities, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and women compose the majority of the talent both in front of and behind the camera for this project.


Director: KC Locke

Producer: Swords & Eagles

"I'm Good (Blue)" is a song by French DJ David Guetta and American singer Bebe Rexha. It was released as a single on 26 August 2022 through What a DJ and Warner UK. The music video for the song, filmed in Ibiza in early September 2022 and directed by KC Locke, was released on 20 September. The music video has earned global success and has in excess of 150 million views on youtube!


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