The more hype you have for your event, the more likely a person is to tell more people about it.

So you’ve got the venue, decided on a date and time, invited people, and now you wait. NO! In fact, you must do the opposite. Once you plan an event, you and your team must spend time advertising and getting people interested leading up to the event. It’s one thing to invite people to a well-planned event, but the real trick is getting people to attend and excited enough to bring their friends.

The biggest way to connect with people is though social media. People are constantly on their phones and it’s the fastest way to receive a response. A quick way to get people informed about your event is by creating a hashtag. Unique and creative hashtags provide consumers with a central place to find information and pass it on to their friends. It will also encourage them to use the hashtag when they’re at the event, or days leading up to it.

Online to Offline
Once you have social media buzzing, it’s important to bring that buzz offline and into your actual event. You can do this with the use of Twitter walls. They provide your audience with a play by play of their tweets and the conversations that are happening. When people see what they wrote on a bigger screen, it makes them want to tweet more about the event and encourages others to join the conversation as well.

Stay Current, Stay Relevant
Another way to keep the public informed is by creating an upcoming events page on your website. As soon as people log on, they will see what your company is doing and which events they can attend. Making sure your website is up to date with current information shows that you are staying relevant and keeping your audience on their toes with new surprises.

Did Somebody Say Free Prize!?
Remember: people love free things! Consumers also love competition, and a chance to win anything for doing something that won’t take too much time out their day. Hold a contest leading up to your event offering a reward if someone completes the task. Announce the winner at your event to create excitement and suspense.