The air is crisp, leaves are turning a nice red, yellow and orange and there is an abundance of pumpkin spiced products to indulge. Fall is here. With the jackets, apples and pumpkin flavored coffee is an opportunity to host a themed event. Themes are great for any event but fall is especially fun, it lends itself to great visuals and creativity.

The slow work summer months are over, summer festivals are cooling off, the cold winter season has yet to get here and the event industry is coming to life.

There are a lot of different theme ideas out there, hundreds even, but if you’re looking for a few specific to fall – here are a few to try out.

It sounds simplistic but a leaves themes can really make your event pop. The connection to fall is obvious, the leaves are changing from a green to the bright colors of red, yellow and orange. For decorations, go red, yellow and orange for everything that you can. When possible put items in the shape of leaves such as foods, plates and lights.

Apples and Pumpkins
Going out to pick apples and pumpkins is a staple of autumn tradition. Bring the tradition to your event with a wide array of food and decorating possibilities. Apples and pumpkin can essentially be incorporating into every course, from appetizers to desserts. There is no shortage of apple and pumpkin drink options either!

A great family friendly theme that takes samples from everything that fall has to offer. This is a decoration heavy theme that can incorporate hay, apples, campfire, orchard, pumpkin, gourds, leaves, and acorns. Don’t forget the food and drinks which can include ciders, apple fritters, maple donuts, caramel apples, and pumpkin pie.

Holidays: Thanksgiving and Halloween
Thanksgiving and Halloween are amazing themes to have at events!