Karen Loftus is a CEO, comedian, journalist, writer, and global events producer. Her witty banter and charming personality made her the perfect fit to host Eventicon 2021 – The Comeback.   

She founded an all-women travel company, Women’s Adventure Travels (WAT) which gives female travelers a chance to see the world through a feminine lens. Loftus works to support women-owned businesses around the world, whether it be woman-owned hotels, chefs, or handcrafted goods from women. WAT also arranges custom itineraries for individuals, friends, families, corporate conferences, and retreats. It’s hassle-free travel planning that is available to all. The devastating effects of the pandemic only pushed WAT’s Adventuress in Chief to reinvent people’s interest in travel.   

During the pandemic, Karen launched the Say WAT shop, an online shop with all things WAT. As domestic travel restrictions eased, Loftus also launched WAT Weekenders, an option for quick and easy weekend trips around the US.  

WAT signifies what Karen holds most dear to her heart; community, empowerment of women, and story. Her interests in non-profits like Body Comedy correlate with what she does at Women’s Adventure Travels.   

Prior to founding WAT, Karen was a globetrotting comedian and event producer. She had shows in London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, and Barcelona, and even toured in the Middle East and throughout Asia putting on comedy shows for the US troops. Her quick humor and wit have followed her from in-person to the virtual space, and someday soon to the phygital space.    

Her latest endeavor was hosting an inaugural event industry event, Eventicon 2021 The Comeback, hosted on Fireworks™ by Eventcombo.   

If you’d like to learn more about Karen Loftus and WAT, you can check out Women’s Adventure Travels at womensadventuretravels.com and the SAY WAT shop thesaywatshop.com.    

It’s time to never miss an adventure again! You can follow Karen to Botswana, as that trip is back on, in April 2022. Info here: Women's Adventure Travels | Botswana (womensadventuretravels.com) 

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