The wonderful industry of Event Tech is full of innovators and leaders who have shaped the way technology and events blend together. As technology is evolving and moving forward at lightning speed, several leaders have adapted to the ever-changing landscape. There have been individuals who have made their mark in propelling the industry forward and this month we are highlighting the founder and chairperson of BizBash, David Adler.   

As a thought leader with over 40 years of experience, Adler is an expert, innovator, and shaper of the event marketplace. With new concepts, strategies, and using BizBash as a backdrop, Adler has been a guiding light for individuals who want to make it big in the event world. 

Adler launched his career in 1975 by founding the magazine, Washington Dossier, which held much influence over the nation’s capital city at that time.  He continued with leadership roles at various companies such as Macmillian and PRIMEDIA. In 2000, Adler launched BizBash, which is currently the number one source in the US for events and meeting professionals.    

Adaptability is key for a great brand and BizBash has evolved extensively over its 20+ years of existence. The ability to change, and thrive at it successfully is directly related to the CEO and their own capability to adapt. Communicating at the right time and employing changes when required are key to the innovators of this generation. Adler has certainly accomplished these skills by keeping up with industry trends, and setting the bar high for his company.   

BizBash has created groups on LinkedIn and Facebook, called Event Professionals Gather. These groups are some of the most popular gathering places for event professionals on social media platforms.   

Through BizBash, Adler, without a doubt, has maintained stickiness in our evolving landscape, and he will continue to do so by leading and helping all of us navigate the event domain in the decades to come.   

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