Whether your event is in-person, digital, or phygital (physical + digital) you need a great team to have a great event. Everyone from event planners, marketing teams, public relations teams, tech teams, caterers and entertainers are important in the event planning process. Most people don’t give enough credit to the various stellar professionals behind the scenes, who work tirelessly to make sure events go off without a hitch!  

Especially now, after our industry has gone through what we hope never happens again, it is time to recognize some of the folks who continue pushing us forward. 

We are happy to recognize these 20 event professionals for their innovation and talent.  


Alissa Hurley 

From event tech to event planning, Alissa Hurley is an expert in all things events! She has more than 20 years of experience in events for companies that range from tech startups to large global brands. 

Amanda Slavin 

As a 30 Under 30 @Forbes alum, bestselling author and co-founder of Catalyst Creativ, Amanda Slavin knows how to keep each and every audience engaged! 

Andrew Roby 

Award winning event and wedding planner, Andrew Roby has been recognized for his excellence on CBS, FOX5, Bride and Groom Washtonian, and many more! 

Barry Muldowney  

With huge clients such as Google, Microsoft and Coke, Barry Muldowney is certainly able to tackle any challenge. A key trait every event prof should have! 

Christy Lamagna 

Master strategist, Christy Lamagna is an entrepreneur, speaker, and coach. She is president of SME Events and Senior VP of Marketing and Communications at ShedWool. 

David Adler 

Chairman and founder of BizBash, David Adler is an event guru! BizBash was founded in 2000 and is currently the leading platform for finding event venues and finding ideas for events! 

Elle Chan 

Elle Chan's company, Trademark Event Productions Inc creates immersive events for all clients. Trademark Event Productions Inc focuses on corporate event production and management. 

Holly Woolard 

As the managing editor at Smart Meetings, Holly Woolard writes endless advice to event planners. She also has previous event planning experience. 

Issa Jouaneh 

With many executive level roles under his belt, Issa Jouaneh is certainly experienced in the world of business. While continuing work in these roles, Jouaneh also launched his own event company in 2020, Elevadas Inc. 

Jason Dunn Sr 

Jason Dunn Sr., works tirelessly as the Chairman of the National Coalition of Black Meeting Professionals to make the event industry more inclusive for people of color. 

Julia Spangler 

Julia Spangler is the owner of Ecosystem events, an event consulting firm that specializes in making events environmentally friendly and sustainable. She is certainty a top event planner! 

Julius Solaris 

Julius Solaris is the founder of both Showthemes and the Event Manager Blog.  He is always innovating in the world of event tech and bringing new ideas to the fore. 

Lauren Kramer 

As CEO of Meeting Priorities, Lauren Kramer specializes in meeting management and marketing for both in person and virtual events! 

Marcy Blum 

As a top-rated event designer and planner by Vouge and Harper's Bazaar, Marcy Blum brings an artistic touch to every event she plans. 

Milena Santoro 

Thought leader and event specialist, Milena Santoro is a leading international event professional. She has her own event company, MS Productions Inc. 

Nick Borelli 

As a contributing writer to the Event Manager blog Nick Borelli shares his knowledge with the entire event industry. Borelli is also a trailblazer in terms of social media marketing for the event industry. 

Paul Allott 

Being the co-founder of 3 event companies, Event News Blog, Event Tech Live, and Event Tech Awards, Paul Allott knows the industry top to bottom! 

Tahira Endean 

Tahira Endean is an international event designer, who leaves her own unique touch on events around the globe. 

Tamela Blalock  

As a business strategist and virtual event strategist, with many years of experience in director level positions, Tamela Blalock shows her power in the world of business and events! Blalock works every day to make the world a better place. 

Thuy Diep 

Thuy Diep is a senior experience designer at Haute Rock Creative where she strategizes to make the best event possible for all attendees. 


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