“Leave your work at the office when you get home.” Haven't we all heard this mantra to manage work stress? While one could do this prior to COVID, what do we do now when our bedrooms, living rooms, or kitchens have become the office?  Psychologically, switching off seems to have become difficult, as the “work mode” in our lives seems to linger in these rooms long after we log off from work. 

In March of 2020, employers and employees made a dramatic shift in the way they got their work done. This switch was thought to be temporary, but over a year later the majority of people are still working from home. Experts say that treating this work-from-home shift as temporary could be one of the key reasons for stress. Sitting in bed and working might be fine for a couple of weeks, but a year later something more permanent needs to be set up. As a first step, making yourself an at-home office or desk will help with the separation of work life and home life. 

Some people have also found that working from home has given them more free time to do what they like, as long as they stay home of course. One option a lot of people have found comfort in is the option to attend virtual events. 

Much like virtual work environments, virtual events were once thought to be temporary, but we now know they are here to stay. The old mentality was that virtual events are boring, not engaging, and cannot be on par with in-person events. Fireworks™️ by Eventcombo is throwing a curveball, proving all of those assumptions wrong. 

At Eventcombo we saw that virtual work and virtual events were here to stay. Instead of dragging on with the mundane virtual events of the past, we changed the game via innovation, taking the recommendations for virtual work and applying them to virtual events. The end goal was to give people a reason to want to attend virtual events and make these events new and exciting for all. In turn, this new demand for virtual events opened an entire market of possibilities for businesses. Now, even in a virtual world, businesses can produce great virtual events at any scale with Fireworks™️ by Eventcombo.  

For Eventcombo, a virtual platform was not enough, there had to be impressive modernizations that would offer unrivaled value over the primitive features of GoogleMeets and Zoom. Accordingly, Fireworks™️ by Eventcombo brought to the fore many exciting changes, unlimited breakout rooms, unlimited hosts, unlimited attendees, and the option of private label solutions. To see all of the exciting virtual event additions of Fireworks™️ by Eventcombo visit our website.  

Next time you’re thinking about a “temporary” task that could use improvements, think of it as permanent and make the change you want to see. In today’s world of innovation, nothing should be left unresolved.