It has been a year of COVID, a year of fear, and a year of Zoom. For the past 12 months, most companies around the globe have been working remotely, many of them via virtual (zoom) meetings. These seemed great for the first few months, but after a while virtual (zoom) meetings became boring. An overload of virtual (zoom)  meetings can even become wearisome. Staring at your face on video all day, judging yourself, and sitting in the same place without the freedom to move around, puts a strain on your eyes and a strain on your patience. There are some personal changes to help with the above three points, but Fireworks™ by Eventcombo can help alleviate the overall dread of sitting through the drudgery of another boring and uninteresting virtual (zoom) meeting. 

No one looks in a mirror all day, but when someone has a day stacked with virtual (zoom) meetings, it can feel like they are. For most virtual (zoom) meetings it is standard to have a video call, which leads to everyone staring at themselves and each other. People are already hard enough on themselves, so when they can see themselves on camera all day everyday they start nit picking at everything they hate about themselves. They also stare at their co-workers, and compare themselves to others throughout these calls. This is problematic because it kills their self-esteem, which then leads to less creativity and in turn a lack of productivity.  Since the start of the pandemic, and consequently the start of all day virtual (zoom) meetings, plastic surgery and injections have risen dramatically. This is due to the unhappiness people are feeling in looking at themselves all day. Before you make the call to your local plastic surgeon, try turning off your camera, or hiding the feed from your camera. Another thing to try is positive affirmations. Every day, pick out one thing you like about the way you look, and tell yourself that.  

For years we’ve been informed about how staring at screens for long periods of time can be harmful to our eyes. In today’s world, there really isn’t a way around not starting at a laptop screen. People stare at screens for work, for fun like social media, to watch television, and now are even staring at a screen during meetings, which used to be one of the only times without a screen! One thing all of this screen time leads to is tired eyes. You know the feeling, when your mind is ready to go but your eyes just want to stare at an object, not light. Bluelight glasses have been trending since the start of the pandemic, and for good reason. They protect your eyes from light from the increased screen time, and help reduce this so called eye fatigue. 

Virtual (zoom) meeting fatigue is also partially caused by sitting in the same space. Before the pandemic, people got up and moved to another room, or around in the office for meetings. Now everyone stays in the same seat. It seems counterintuitive to think that sitting still makes you tired, but it's true. Getting up and moving around helps with blood flow and creativity. We are meant to move around. So, make it a point everyday to move when you can. 

After 1 year, your virtual (zoom) meeting attendees are burnt out. It's time to give them a vibrant new experience with Fireworks™ by Eventcombo. This new #SinglePlatform has some features that are great for beating virtual (zoom) meeting fatigue! Some of these features include private chats, groups chats, food delivery options, live streaming, and unlimited breakout rooms! Fireworks™ by Eventcombo also allows for unlimited attendees, whereas Zoom only allows for 100 before zapping you with yet another charge. Best of all, Fireworks™ by Eventcombo offers unlimited customizations, so your possibilities are endless!  

What are you waiting for? Get some bluelight glasses and get started moving in the direction of UNLIMITED!