Eventually the days of working from home will come to an end for most of us. What does going back to the office look like? It seems as if it has been forever since we were crammed into cubicles with our colleagues. Prior to covid, no one thought twice about bringing in homemade treats, sharing pens, borrowing someone's seat, or the communal kitchen...which never seems to be quite clean enough. All of these seemingly shocking activities used to be day to day occurrences that didn't bother any of us. Here are a few tips you can practice when you finally head back into the office, and some for if you’re going to stay virtual! 

Sanitizer and Wipes

By this point we probably all have a hand sanitizer keychain, one in every purse, and a few in the car...but what about at your desk? Keeping one nearby for anytime you leave your clean little space is necessary. Also, keep some antibacterial/ antiviral wipes at your desk, just in case that maskless co-worker pops up and borrows your calculator. Stay consistent in wiping down your desk, and sanitizing your hands. Don’t forget that washing your hands is still the best option! 

Face Coverings

About one year into the pandemic, there’s no reason not to wear a mask. Every shape, color, style, and pattern exists. Grab some of your favorites and don’t forget to wear them to work. Sitting at your desk for 8 hours a day with a mask on is hardly ideal, but it beats getting COVID or passing it on to someone less healthy than you. 

Pack a Lunch

We all love when there is a catered lunch, but that means everyone will be touching the same serving utensils. Opt for packing your lunch, at least until you see what types of cleanliness rules your company puts in place. With a lunch from your own home, you’ll know everything is clean. 

How to Stay Sanitary and Sane While Staying Virtual 

Being cooped up in your house or apartment all day is of course safe in terms of covid. Keep in mind that when leaving to get food, or inviting friends over, germs can stick around. Make sure you're wiping down surfaces and washing your hands regularly. It is possible to contaminate your own things in your own home. 

While working from home has its perks, it can be hard to keep a routine and stay healthy both mentally and physically. Make sure you’re staying hydrated, keeping a sleep routine, and eating healthy foods packed with nutrients. Also, don’t forget to stay active, and move around to keep your blood and creative ideas flowing! By moving around, you’re helping your mental health, not just your physical health. Be on the lookout for any wellness programs your company might be offering. Lastly, be mindful that even though you’re at home, the stressors of work are still hounding you. Take time to practice destressing tactics and mindfulness.

Hopefully now you’re thinking about some things to try to keep yourself and your team safe once you get back to the office. In the meantime try to keep your at home office clean. Also, keep in mind that whether you’re at the office or at home, keeping your physical and mental health in tip top shape are the first two building blocks to success.  

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