When you want to spice up your entertainment choices, going off the grid a bit to discover something new can open the door to a world of excellent film you may have never explored before. If you are looking for something a bit different this spring, then you should consider attending the 23rd Annual Asian American Showcase, happening at Chicago’s Gene Siskel Film Center from April 6th until April 18th. So, come and enjoy some great films, and get a chance to meet the directors of these films in person for a live discussion.

Culture And Film

The goal of the Asian American Film Festival is to celebrate the creations of these talented filmmakers, and also to help support and promote the artists. The filmmakers will be introduced to the community to make connections, and hopefully build up an audience of interested parties. The festival also hopes to to educate the audience about Asian American culture, and built up knowledge and understanding between the filmmakers and the audience.

The Asian American Film Festival gives you several options in film to view. When you select what movies you would like to see, you might wind up with an opportunity to meet the director in a live discussion, and ask some questions. So, you’ll have plenty of time to interact with the filmmakers, while also enjoying their creative pieces.

Tickets And Times

The 23rd Annual Asian American Showcase will be held at Chicago’s Gene Siskel Film Center from Friday, April 6th until Wednesday, April 18th. Ticket prices and times are listed below.

  • Friday, April 6th. 8 PM: Fish Bones. Meet the film’s director Joanne Money Park in person. Tickets: $11.
  • Saturday, April 7th. 5:15 PM. The Dragon Painter, with a live musical accompaniment by Goh Nakamura and a discussion with Goh Nakamura. Tickets: $11.
  • Sunday, April 8th. 4:4f PM. The Chinese Exclusion Act. Tickets: $11.
  • Wednesday, April 11th. 8 PM. Find Me. Tickets: $11. The director of the film, Tom Huang, will appear to have a discussion with the audience.
  • Friday, April 13th. 8 PM. Stand Up Man. Meet director Aram Collier for discussion. Tickets: $11.
  • Saturday, April 14th. 8 PM. Proof of Loyalty: Kazuo Yamane and the Nisei Soldiers of Hawaii. Tickets: $11.
  • Wednesday, April 18th. 8:15 PM. Minding the Gap. The director of the film, Bing Liu, will be present in person for a discussion. Director Bing Liu will make a visit for a live audience discussion. Tickets: $11.


If you’d like to learn more about the 23rd Annual Asian American Showcase, or to purchase tickets, please go to the event’s website here.


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