There are some religious segments that believe in animals having souls, and therefore if you are a pet owner, you need to get your pet blessed and make sure you tend to your four-legged best friend’s soul so he or she can go to heaven. Plenty of Catholics have this belief, and on March 31st, you’ll find many of them at Los Angeles’s historic Olvera street for the Blessing of the Animals. Olvera Street has been blessing our furry friends since it opened up in 1930, but the Catholic concept of blessing animals goes back much further. In fact, San Antonio De Abad started the tradition back in the fourth century. Blessing animals to improve their health eventually made him the patron saint of the animal kingdom.

So if you’re ready to help your furry friend’s health, you can take your pet to the blessing at Olvera Street and get your favorite four-legged pal blessed. All animals are invited to attend and experience a blessing from Archbishop Jose Gomez. Attending this event is free, and you don’t need to be Catholic to get your pet blessed. Everybody is welcome.  

Schedule And Times

The Blessing of the Animals takes place on historical Olvera Street, with lines starting at Father Serra Park, found in between Alameda and Los Angeles Street. The event opens up at 12 PM, starting with live entertainment if you want to come early.

Next, the blessings will be performed by Archbishop Jose Gomez and the blessings will last about an hour. Archbishop Jose Gomez will start the blessings at 2 PM, and the line for the blessing opens at 1 PM. Admission to this event is free for the entire family, and everybody is invited to attend. After the blessings end, entertainment will be performed until 5 PM, allowing you to enjoy some live music.

If you would like to learn more about Olvera’s Blessing of the Animals, please visit the event’s page here.

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