There is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable then experiencing excellent food when you need something to lift your spirits. If you like getting innovative and trying new types of dishes, then you might want to check out a renowned food and alcohol tasting event offered to you by LA Weekly on Sunday, March 25th from 2 PM until 5 PM at the California Market Center in Los Angeles. The Essentials, a tasting event that will give you a variety of samples to taste, while you get to socialize and sample plenty of different alcohol choices to tip off your relaxation.

Plenty Of Tasty Samples

LA Weekly’s The Essentials event will offer you several tastes of excellent food, wine, and alcohol samples created by an award-winning team. The purpose of The Essentials is to allow people to try samples from a variety of restaurants that LA Weekly presented in the magazine’s “99 Essentials” issue, which covers the best restaurants in the area. While you try the variety of food samples, you’ll also get to experience plenty of wine and cocktail samples as well.

Plus, while you experience the bevy of sample choices, you will also get to hear about the creations you are tasting. You’ll learn the stories about the people and places that had a hand in making these dishes. You’ll get educated while you eat.


LA Weekly’s event The Essentials takes place on Sunday, March 25th at the California Market Center in Los Angeles from 2 PM until 5 PM (VIP tickets are allowed to enter an hour earlier. Ticket prices vary depending on the type of ticket you decide to purchase. Ticket prices are listed below.

  • General Admission: $55. By purchasing a general admission ticket, you’ll be able to enter the event at 2 PM and receive as many food samples as you’d like, experience beer, wine and cocktail tastings, and witness plenty of live entertainment.
  • VIP Admission: $100. Buying a VIP ticket means you get to enter the event at 1 PM, taste unlimited food samples, and also experience beer, wine, and cocktail tastings. Plus, you’ll get to see plenty of live entertainment, and take home a VIP gift bag.

If you’d like to obtain more information about LA Weekly’s The Essentials event, please feel free to visit the event’s website here. To purchase tickets, you can go here.

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