Most of us can’t get enough of cute, adorable, puppies, and if you enjoy watching pure moments that will make you admire how delightful those furry critters can be, then you won’t want to miss this year’s annual Puppy Bowl. The annual Puppy Bowl will be presented by the Meadowlake Pet Resort and Training Center on February 3rd, starting at 9:00 AM. You’ll get a chance to laugh at some very endearing pups as they play with footballs and attempt to get touchdowns.

One Cute Football Game

In celebration of Super Bowl LII, Meadowlake is holding their yearly Puppy Bowl, pitting two teams of cute, adorable pups against each other for a loveable game. Prior to the game, the national anthem will be song, and game plays will be shared on Meadowlake’s Instagram and Facebook pages. At the game, you’ll be able to get some great beverages and you can also tour Meadowlake for free to see what other great pet services they have to offer.

The game is sure to be fun of usual puppy antics, as twenty-five different puppies will play against each other using football toys on a football field made just for these little competitors. The puppies will be encouraged to get touchdowns as Meadowlake staff helps to cheer them on.


Admission to the event is free, and entering a puppy in the “Ruff Pups” or “Tuff Pups” teams also won’t cost you a time. Puppies are required to be up to date with their shots, but don’t have to be spayed or neutered. Puppies must be between the ages of two and six months to play.

For more information about the event, please visit Meadowlake’s website here.

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