If you are looking for something fun and educational for the kids to do over the holiday break, it’s definietely worth checking out Dallas’s Backyard Wildlife Resource Center’s Winter Break Camp.  Designed to be full of learning and fun, this camp takes place from December 21st until December 23rd, with another opportunity running from January 4th to January 8th.

Excitement And Education

This Winter Break Camp will teach much to your children, and while it includes winter crafts and holiday activities, the schedule is set to teach children much more. The camp’s goal is to educate children about animals, and teaches them about hibernation, migration, and adaptation. Children will get to experience meetings with a variety of animals while also learning about them through books, movies, and field trips.

Your child will not only learn more about wildlife and the importance of maintaining animal habitats and keeping the planet healthy and safe for ecosystems, but they will never forget their personal experiences with the animals. They’ll be taught not only about respecting animals, but also about helping the planet.


Ticket prices can vary. We’ve listed the costs for this camp below.

  • $75 for one child
  • $40 per additional child
  • $25 lunches for family members, although you have the option of providing your own lunches to your child or children.

You can pay for your tickets either online, by mail, or in person. If you want to pay online, submit your Paypal payment to bugstuff.info@gmail.com. If you prefer to pay by mail, please send your payment to P.O. Box 1736 Cedar Hill, TX 75106, and make the check out to Backyard Wildlife Resource Center. To pay in person, please go to P.O. Box 1736 Cedar Hill, TX 75106.  For more information about this camp, please visit their website here.

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