With the new craze hitting the nation, it is not surprising that thousands of Pokémon GO events are popping up everywhere!

Let us not forget it has only been a short period since the game has even been available for the public, but it has still managed to attract millions and millions of players. There are also tens of thousands of meet ups being organized in almost every major city, and if there isn’t one in your area, make one! Reddit has become the platform for communication between players and they have an entire directory of regional SubReddits about Pokémon GO. Almost every regional SubReddit has some kind of forum for players to form meet ups or even share places to catch Pokémon’s.

Double A San Antonia Missions are finding a way to capitalize off the craze as they cater to players. The Minor league baseball stadium owners are allowing players in two hours early to explore the Pokéstops within the stadium. A lot of these stops are inconvenient or in private buildings therefore allowing owners to appeal to players by offering these special privileges.

It seems everyone is responding to the popularity of Pokémon Go as Hillary Clinton has even scheduled a campaign in a Pokémon Go gym!

You can find information on meet-ups and talk to other players through various blogs, and of course Reddit. “Gotta catch em all” readers!